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March 2010: a pivotal month? Or more of the same...

Since I last wrote a month ago, so much has happened in the world...Or is it just more of the same?

Against all odds, Obama got his health reform through. He wrote History. Or did he? Wasn't it more a matter of catching up with History?

What was surprising to European observers (like myself) was the amount of acrimony this issue has generated in America. From a European point of view, it is almost impossible to comprehend that anyone would use arguments like the Republicans did - claiming it would bring Socialism to America, cause a budgetary disaster and costs to shoot up etc and even go so far as to depict Obama in the vest of a new Hitler.


I repeat, from a European point of view, health coverage for some 31 million Americans appeared overdue. Surely, it is a simple matter of ethics. How can the greatest democracy in the world illtreat its citizens in this way? How can a free market ideology that clearly ostracizes millions of people and throws them in poverty be put ah…